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Becki: Finally discovering who I am, and what I need  Well, it's taken me a long time to write my story.. mainly because I view success as a finish line, and my journey isn't over. I honestly don't think it ever will be. I have struggled with my weight since ........ 

Lucy: A Way of Life, not a diet  I kept to a whole-foods diet...only started using some LC products about a month ago. "Whole-foods" to me means real food--meat, eggs, dairy, veg, etc. I look at the food I eat and think about how it will nourish me: the LC sweets, etc are nutritionally empty, and I try not to devote too much of my daily calorie intake to stuff that doesn't feed my body........ 

Kristine: My Evolving Success Story  My first clue that I had a carb issue was around 1996, at age 23. I began to notice heart palpitations, and soon after that, noticed that they tended to happen after I ate carby foods. Clue number two was measurable hypoglycemia: I knew that everyone has sugar highs and crashes if they eat too much sugar, but I once had a glucometer check (courtesy of a diabetes presentation at the hospital where  ...... 

Rachelle's Story  I then started hearing about Atkin's from a co-worker. She gave me the book and I began to read it. We did the buddy system and both started the Induction phase of the program. I did not have very fast results in the first 2 weeks. I didn't give up though.. and thought if anything i was "feeling" thinner... I continued Induction for about ..... 

Dan & Karen's Story: 11 months and 136 pounds ago  Our names are Dan and Karen and 11 months ago we had a serious weight condition. We discovered an effective way of dealing with it… a low carbohydrate lifestyle. The moment we think of ourselves as “being on a diet” instead of having a “new way of life” is the moment we assure ourselves of becoming the unhappy, ...... 

Trainer Dan's Story  Still, my fat loss had stalled. Nothing I tried worked. I was on the internet and subscribed to a mailing-list type newsletter. By chance, it was the same time that Lyle McDonald was still planning on writing his book about this funny thing called a CKD. As he went deeper into explaining it, it sounded like something for me. So I did it, and liked the results. That was my introduction to the LC WOE...... 

Mike's Story  I was on my way to my friend Lee’s house, and my dexterity was a wonder to behold. I believe that even Bruce Lee would have been in awe. For not only was I managing a manual shift vehicle, but I was simultaneously smoking, drinking a 52 oz. pop, and eating a Hostess Suzie Q. All the while, the steering wheel of my Nissan was positioned a mere two inches from my rather large waist. When I got to Lee’s house, we sat down in his living room and ..... 

Silly Boy Dave's Story  When I was in high school I never thought I would ever be overweight. You see I was one of those kids that never gained weight. I was 6’ 1” tall in grade 8. I weight 150 lbs at that time. Going though school I grew to 180 lbs and 16% body fat. It wasn’t till after I got my first car did my weight started to pile up. I thought I was immortal and there was nothing that could affect me..... 

LC Sponge's Story  Then when I tipped the scales at 184 (from 139) I realized I had to do something. If I didn't, I was going to weigh in at 200 pounds - no question. Right about the same time, my neighbour mentioned Atkins - she'd lost 14 pounds in about 2 weeks eating steak smeared with butter. Within a couple of hours I had the book (DANDR) and was making resolutions, I was worshiping the low-carb God with almost no question. It just *felt* so.... 

Fern's Story (CKD)  When the before pictures were taken, I almost cried! I saw all of the “side-chunk,” and I took one look at my butt and thought, is that what I look like? The pictures made me determined to lose weight! I think everyone should take before/after pictures no matter how you look.... 

Tinakaye's low carb journey  I've been on Atkins diet off and on for the last 10 years. But let me tell you I was doing it all wrong. I looked at it solely has a diet, not as a way of life eating plan. So every time I would lose the weight, I would go off the "diet" and gain the weight right back. The next..

Crystal's Living La Vida Low Carb!  Life is grand. I have been in maintenance and at goal for over 2 years now, and I love this WOL more now than ever. Besides allowing me to be thin for life without constant excercise, hunger and deprivation, eating this way has eliminated the chronic fatigue syndrome, controls my hypoglycemia and really helps to control the ADHD. It is the best plan ever for total health and I will never go back to starchy high carb or unnatural foods ever!!....

And I asked myself, "How did I get here?"When people ask me what I eat, I love to rattle off a list and watch their eyes glaze over. They seem to think that I must have given up an awful lot. The only thing I gave up was a load of fat and the thinking that attached it to my body......

Norma-June's Journey  I have decided that L.C. is my WOL and even though I procrastinate about drinking my water, doing the treadmill and even cheating during corn season (LOL) I am dedicated to this WOL......

 Norma's StoryI was forever tired and found it almost impossible to get through a day teaching elementary kids. If I had to go out in the evenings I made sure I had a nap before I went but it was still a silent painful ideal for me......


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