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Norma-June's Journey

Hi, my name is Norma.  I live in Wasaga Beach, Ontario.   I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and have 4 kids & 10 grandkids. 

BEFORE - October, 1999   (170 - 174 Lbs.)

I am a type II diabetic, diagnosed in 1999.  I am only 5 feet tall and should only weigh around 100 pounds, according to the medical charts.  I feel healthy at 110 - 115 pounds though.  For most of my life I was relatively thin, not really going over 120 pounds.  In fact, when I was a child I was sent to a health school for 3 years in an attempt to get me to gain weight .... sheesh!  But then when I was around 35 years old, a whiplash from an auto accident, inactivity and then menopause helped the pounds to accumulate.

BEFORE - October, 1999   (170 - 174 Lbs.)

I tried Weight Watchers but after a 9 pound weight loss I hit a plateau.  WW told me they had a secret to help push me past the plateau but wouldn't tell me what the secret was ... in frustration I stopped going.  I didn't really try any form of dieting except for some attempts at healthy eating.  I tried the McDougal plan and then a year of vegetarianism ... but I didn't feel healthy.

I began Atkins in July/2000.  The first week on induction I lost 9 pounds but gained 2 back.  I have a real problem drinking the water .... I keep forgetting and sometimes only consume 500 ml. a day (shame, shame). 

I have decided that L.C. is my WOL and even though I procrastinate about drinking my water, exercising, etc. and even cheating during corn season (LOL) I am dedicated to this WOL.

On Atkins since 7/20/00.
174/144/115   Size:  16/12.5/08

CURRENT PICTURE - March, 2003   (144 Lbs.)


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