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Rachelle's Story

By Rachelle

I started Atkin's in July of 2003.

I had never been on a true "diet" before starting Atkin's the summer of '03.
I was very active during High School (soccer and volleyball player) I would eat just about anything I wanted and would stay pretty fit.
When I graduated from High school I began to work in a bar environment and got into some very heavy drug use and began drinking regularly.
Needless to say certain drugs will speed up your metabolism... which is what happened for me. I lost down to about 105lbs. and maintained there. I was not healthy and I'm sure lost a lot of muscle along with fat. I continued on that path for about 2 yrs maybe a bit longer.

I finally decided to better my life and I gave up drugs. Which was very hard for me. Along with that being hard in itself.. I also began to gain weight very rapidly. I went up to about 155-160lbs. within about a 6 month period of time. I went from a size 0/3 to a size 14/16. I was devastated, as I had not changed my eating habits at all...

I tried not eating/ starvation..
I tried low-fat..
I tried Slim fast (LOL)

I was so frustrated that nothing seemed to work.. I even considered going back to my old routine (cocaine & eating once every 3 days)
I knew that was not the answer... i wanted something better for my life.

I then started hearing about Atkin's from a co-worker. She gave me the book and I began to read it. We did the buddy system and both started the Induction phase of the program.
I did not have very fast results in the first 2 weeks. I didn't give up though.. and thought if anything i was "feeling" thinner... I continued Induction for about 3 months and then progressed to OWL (On Going Weight Loss). My weight loss has continued on that path.. very slow and steady. But as I've been reminded time and time again.. it is a WAY OF LIFE.. not a quick fix/ fad diet.

I stayed true to the book and was in search of some new recipes.
That is when I stumbled across this site in about September of '03. I had never been to a forum of any kind so I had no idea what this place was.. other than a place to find recipes.

Well as the weight continued to slowly drop.. I started to find advice and friends on this board that helped me stick with the diet.

I plan to stay Lowcarb for the rest of my life. I would have to say that this site and The Atkin's Diet can possibly be credited to saving my life. I was at a very weak spot where I almost gave up.. and the support system here and the book that opened my eyes (Dr. Atkin's New Diet Revolution) kept me in line..

Here are some pictures... a true before picture that has not made it into my gallery yet.. and a IN PROGRESS picture of me now.
I still have a few pounds that i'd like to lose.. but for the most part i'm very satisfied with my success.

Thank you all for being there for me.. even when you didn't necessarily know what i was going through or who I was. I appreciate it more than you will ever know or understand

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