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Our selection of low carb and Atkins diet books. Each low carb plan has its own unique differences and approach to weight-loss. It is quite informative to check more than one low carb plan to find the one suitable to YOU.
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Eat Yourself Slim

by Michel Montignac

Woman's World, Carmel Berman Reingold, 16 November 1999
French Miracle Diet! Thanks to the amazing discoveries of a brilliant French research scientist named Michel Montignac, you can eat as much as you want (even chocolate!) while you get slimmer week after week...

Begin your diet today and join the slim millions who have just one word for Michel Montignac: merci!

Epicurean, Mary Etcheverry, October 1999
...Michel Montignac...has scientific research to back up "Le Method." His theory is that it is not fat that makes you fat, but it is sugar and certain carbohydrates that cause obesity by raising blood sugar levels that trigger the body to store fat. Now others have jumped on the "no sugar low carbohydrate" bandwagon, but this book began the movement.

The Ketogenic Diet

Dine Out and Lose Weight
The French Way to Culinary 'Savoir Vivre'
By Michel Montignac

The "nefariousness" of sugar, the goodness of wine, and the virtues of chocolate are all expounded upon in this longtime European bestseller. The author is a person "with an epicurean flair who is determined to stay fit without abandoning the culinary pleasures of life." Michel Montignac advises a program of watching one's consumption of beer, bread, sugar ("it should be labeled with a skull and crossbones since it is a dangerous product when consumed in large amounts"), starchy foods, after-dinner drinks, sodas, milk, and fruit juices. It's a very low carbohydrate lifestyle with a gourmet flair. If you love to eat at great restaurants, (or cook gourmet) but want to stay low-carb, this book's for you!
Dine Out and Lose Weight


New! The Low-Carb Gourmet, by Karen Barnaby

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