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Our selection of low carb and Atkins diet books. Each low carb plan has its own unique differences and approach to weight-loss. It is quite informative to check more than one low carb plan to find the one suitable to YOU.
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The Carbohydrate Addict's Healthy Heart Program: Break Your Carbo-Insulin Connection to Heart Disease
Break Your Carbo-Insulin Connection to Heart Disease

By Drs. Rachael F. and Richard F. Heller and Dr. Frederic J. Vagnini

The aim of this program is to "help balance insulin levels and reduce the insulin resistance that leads to carbohydrate cravings, easy weight gain, high blood pressure, abnormal blood fats, adult-onset diabetes, and heart disease." The program involves three basic steps: (1) reducing the high-carbohydrate foods that you eat and increasing their quality; (2) choosing supplements that balance insulin levels; and (3) choosing insulin-regulating physical activities. The writing is clear and inviting. The authors explain medical concepts such as Insulin Resistance Syndrome simply and clearly. They also narrate their own health and weight-loss struggles, adding a personal touch. About 60 recipes are included.

The Carbohydrate Addict's Healthy Heart Program

The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet: The Lifelong Solution to Yo-Yo Dieting
The Lifelong Solution to Yo-Yo Dieting
By Drs. Rachael F. and Richard F. Heller

If you've been a yo-yo dieter for years or if you can eat a pound of pasta at one sitting, this book may very well be an eye opener. In simple--but never condescending--language, it explains the roots of carbohydrate cravings and teaches you how to normalize your insulin levels to prevent future food binges. Regulated insulin levels in turn help to temper serotonin levels, so food cravings and mood swings are prevented. The authors, both research scientists (one a health psychologist, the other a pathologist), have lost and kept off a total of 200 pounds between them. They've based this book on nearly a decade's worth of research, during which they've helped nearly 80 percent of their patients lose weight and keep it off for at least a year.

The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet

The Carbohydrate Addict's Program for Success:Taking Charge of Your Life & Your Weight
Taking Charge of Your Life and Your Weight (Companion Workbook)
By Drs. Rachael F. and Richard F. Heller

As the authors of the phenomenally successful Carbohydrate Addict's Diet know, losing weight is hard work. Even harder, however, is keeping the weight off -- sticking to the new patterns of eating necessary for success. Now Drs. Heller and Heller provide the additional support that every carbohydrate addict needs to succeed.

The Carbohydrate Addict's Program for Success

The Carbohydrate Addict's Cookbook:
250 All-New Low-Carb Recipes That Will Cut the Cravings and Keep You Slim for Life
By Dr.'s Richard F. and Rachael Heller

#1 New York Times bestselling authors of The Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program and The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet Lose weight and cut your cravings with the first cookbook from the world's #1 authorities on carbohydrate addiction and weight loss With 250 all-new mouthwatering low-carb recipes from Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller, the #1 New York Times bestselling authors and pioneers in carbohydrate-smart dieting, it is now easier than ever to shed those extra pounds permanently.
The Carbohydrate Addict's Cookbook


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