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Our selection of low carb and Atkins diet books. Each low carb plan has its own unique differences and approach to weight-loss. It is quite informative to check more than one low carb plan to find the one suitable to YOU.
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The Smart Guide to Low-Carb Cooking

By John Morgenthaler and Mia Simms

This cookbook - part of the "Smart Guide" series - shows readers how to prepare great-tasting meals from nonstarchy vegetables, protein-rich foods, and healthy fats that lower insulin levels and promote weight loss, health, and longevity.
Its recipes are compatible with diet plans of those on the Atkins diet, Protein Power, CAD, or any low carbohydrate diet.
The Smart Guide to Low-Carb Cooking

Gourmet Prescription
High Flavor Cooking for Lower Carbohydrate Diets
By Deborah F. Chud

The first "insulin-conscious" cookbook to develop a modern, state-of-the-art scientific diet with culinary appeal foremost in mind, this amply photographed book features such enticing recipes as Grilled Shrimp with Red Pepper-Caper Sauce and Fresh Figs with Virtual Mascarpone. Chud marries her unique kitchen techniques, original condiments, and savory recipes from a variety of international cuisines to achieve a perfect blend of gourmet eating and good health. This ground-breaking contemporary cuisine provides a life-sustaining way of eating for today's low-carb tastes and lifestyle.
The Gourmet Prescription

Baking Low Carb
By Diana Lee

This amazing little book offers up 130 recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, candy, muffins and breads that allow you to indulge yourself without hurting your new low carbohydrate lifestyle. The author has kept the protein count up to make for a healthier and more satisfying treat. Some of the recipes include: Lemon Poppy-seed Muffins, Chocolate Muffins, Pumpkin Bread, Banana Bread, Lemon Ricotta-cheese Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Shortcake, Cream Cheese-filled Brownies, Chocolate, and much more.
Baking Low Carb

Low-Carb Meals in Minutes
By Linda Gassenheimer

Today's hottest diets depend on one thing: cutting carbohydrates. But it's tough to do so when you're eating on the go. Low-Carb Meals in Minutes gives the millions of people trying to eat healthier and lose weight exactly what they need: six weeks of complete low-carb meals that go from the cutting board to the table in no time. The book includes 126 menus divided into three sections, including Quick Start, Which Carbs for the transition period, Right Carbs for a permanent regimen. In each section, recipes are provided for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. All are nutritionally well-balanced and low in saturated fat. Also included are easy-to-follow instructions, cooking tips, convenient shopping lists, and timesaving suggestions.
Low-Carb Meals in Minutes

Slow Carb For Life
By Patricia Haakonson and Dr. Harv Haakonson, MD.

We decided to write this book for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most compelling was the opportunity to share our accumulated knowledge and experience with others who may be interested in low carbohydrate lifestyles.

This is the second book, after the success of Pat's first book, Easy Low Carb Cooking

  Low-carb Ideas: Good Food2
By Donna Johnson

This is a low-carb cookbook that has very easy recipes or ideas to help those with the everyday practicality of staying on a healthy diet. These recipes are the author's original ideas. This book helps with weightloss, lowering bad cholesterol, better blood chemistry including blood sugar, better blood pressure, more energy, and offers quick "ideas" and simply good food!
Low-carb Ideas: Good Food2

Fabulous & Flourless:
150 Wheatless and Dairy-Free Desserts: Cakes, Tarts, Tortes, Roulades, Puddings, Souffles, Cookies, and More!
By Mary Wachtel Mauksch

In Fabulous & Flourless, Mary Wachtel Mauksch, who grew up in Prague, shares 150 recipes for all kinds of pastries and sweets made with ground nuts (nut flour) rather than with wheat flour. There are traditional favorites such as Walnut Poppy Seed Cake, Sachertorte, and original creations such as Almond Cappuccino Cake and Peanut Brownies.
While this book was written for those avoiding wheat or gluten, a simple substitution of artificial sweetener (especially "Splenda") makes these creations amazing works of low-carb art! Delicious, easy, and uncommon. Cures your cravings for breads, cakes and baked-good delights.
Fabulous & Flourless

Low Carb Recipes Fast & Easy
By Belinda Schweinhart and Chaddie Letson

This book contains real, great tasting, easy recipes. They are all low carb, no sugar, no flour recipes suitable for anyone following the Atkins diet, the Protein Power Plan, the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, the Zone and the Neanderthin diet as well as those needing no sugar recipes for diabetic diets. When was the last time you ate a really good cookie without feeling guilty?
Low Carb Recipes Fast & Easy

Low Carb Cooking for Today's Lifestyle
By Nitelinks

This cookbook volume presents more than two hundred all-new, kitchen tested recipes. Low Carb Cooking for Today's Lifestyle is filled with recipes that are so tasty, you'll hardly believe they're a healthy part of your Low Carb diet! Each recipe is complete with nutrition information so you can make informed choices about healthy eating. The recipes do not call for sugar or artificial sweeteners of any kind.
Low Carb Cooking for Today's Lifestyle

Lauri's Low-Carb Cookbook:
Rapid Weight Loss With Satisfying Meals: 2nd Edition
By Lauri Ann Randolph

New 2nd Edition - Larger Version!
Low on Carbs - High on Flavor!
Over 230 delicious recipes and each are less than 10 grams carbohydrates per serving! Lauri's Low-Carb Cookbook contains a large variety of cooking styles with both easy recipes and those that cater to a gourmet. The first edition of Lauri's Low-Carb Cookbook was a limited edition to test the market demand for such a cookbook. Due to its overwhelming success and some great suggestions from readers, Lauri has completely revised the cookbook, including a new easy-to-read recipe format, correcting typographical errors, many new recipes, additional nutritional information, a new paperback binding which lays, and so on. More than 50 new recipes have been added including a section of Vegetarian Main Dishes.
Lauri's Low Carb Cookbook

The Low-Carb Cookbook:
The Complete Guide to the Healthy Low-Carbohydrate Lifestyle With over 250 Delicious Recipes!
By Fran McCullough

Written by a James Beard Award-winning author who's also a writing teacher at the revered Culinary Institute of America, The Low-Carb Cookbook presents a colorful approach to the low-carb, high-protein diet so many people swear by. The author, Fran McCullough, has herself lost 60 pounds by following a low-carbohydrate diet, so you know you're in good hands. She's definitely taken a gourmet approach to the recipes. While they're all tempting, notables include Three-Grain Pancakes with Raspberry-Orange Sauce, Nut-Crusted Swordfish with Romesco Sauce, and Crème Fraîche Ice Cream.
With more than 250 recipes, including appetizers, sauces, sides, main dishes, and delectable desserts, it'll keep you cookin'.
The Low-Carb Cookbook

Low-Carb Cooking With Stevia:
The Naturally Sweet & Calorie-Free Herb
By James Kirkland

Low-Carb Cooking With Stevia is the perfect companion for people on a low-carbohydrate diet. This hot new book contains revolutionary, delicious recipes like pastas, breads, even cakes and cookies all low in carbohydrates. Filled with practical advice, Mr. Kirkland is inspirational as he explains how he lost his extra weight and regained his life - All while enjoying a variety of favorite foods. Kirkland, an expert on stevia, includes in-depth information about stevia, the natural alternative to questionable artificial sweeteners. With over 175 delightful low-carb recipes and more than 60 pages of important information, Low-Carb Cooking With Stevia is the essential companion for a successful low-carbohydrate lifestyle.
Low-Carb Cooking With Stevia

Back to Protein: The Low Carb/No Carb Meat Cookbook
By Barbara Hartsock Doyen

This cookbook is for health-conscious carnivores who are tired of the vegan rhetoric and want to indulge their love of meat and it's myriad of culinary possibilities. For high protein and low carbs, it's hard to beat the basics. There are over 40 recipes for burgers! Over 27 ground beef dishes! 13 beef stews! 14 beef roasts! 48 steak recipes! 59 pork! 95 chicken! 29 turkey! 53 fish and seafood! 20 lamb! 22 exotic recipes using alligator, bison, etc., plus many others, including numerous variations.
Back to Protein

Everyday Low Carb Cookery
Revised Edition
By Alex Haas

Here's a revised and bigger edition of the cookbook Alex first put together and we low-carbers bought from him directly over the last few years. A book of low carbohydrate recipes for everyone who wants or needs to be on a low carb ketogenic diet. The recipes in this cookbook are designed for those with diabetes, hypoglycemia, high cholesterol and triglycerides, those who are overweight and need to diet to lose weight and those with PCOS. The book contains 225 recipes from more than a dozen cuisines which provides variety for the dieter. There are a dozen salad dressings, 18 chicken wing recipes, about a half dozen slaws, etc. All carb counts are given by ingredient within each recipe.
Everyday Low Carb Cookery

The Schwarzbein Principle Cookbook
By Diana Schwarzbein, Nancy Deville & Evelyn Jacob Jaffe

Renowned physician Schwarzbein teams up with professional chef Evelyn Jacob Jaffe to whip up 300 delicious, healing recipes, proving that eating the Schwarzbein way doesn't have to be difficult, boring, or fat-free. Includes easy-to-follow directions and nutritional breakdowns. Followed religiously by actors Larry Hagman and Suzanne Somers.
The Schwarzbein Principle Cookbook

The Carbohydrate Counting Cookbook
By Tami Ross and Patti Geil

Although this book is aimed at people with diabetes, this book is a treasure trove of recipes for folks following a low carbohydrate diet. It's full of fast family recipes and the amount of carbohydrate in each serving is highlighted. Many of the recipes have ZERO carbohydrate.
The Carbohydrate Counting Cookbook

The Ketogenic Cookbook
By Dennis Brake and Cynthia Brakeand

While this cookbook was developed as an adjunct to the Ketogenic Diet Plan for children with Epilepsy, its recipes are universally sound for anyone on a very low carbohydrate diet. The selections are widely varied and include Soups, Salads, Fish, Meats, Eggs, Desserts, Beverages and more.
The Ketogenic Cookbook

Sugarfree Quick & Easy
By Deanie Comeaux Bahan

In today's fast paced, high-energy society, we don't always have the time to cook the way we'd like to. So many times we're forced into situations where we're stuck with drive-through fast food or having to order in... and THAT shoots our sugar-free diet right in the foot! Sugarfree Quick & Easy! is my take on how to get around all that. Simple recipes which take twenty minutes or less to prepare and different "short-cuts" and hints that can help anyone stick to their low sugar diet without too much difficulty abound in this latest book. Hopefully these tips will help you organize your cooking and shopping and will pay off in time saved for eating and living! Designed with "Sugar-Busters" in mind, but most things are very compatible with any low-carb diet as well.
Sugarfree Quick & Easy

Sugarfree Holidays
By Deanie Comeaux Bahan

This cookbook is the perfect handy reference guide for anyone during the holiday season. Although small, it's got just the right recipes for any holiday occasion, and best of all... they're all sugarfree! Whether you're hosting a party, feeding drop-ins, or preparing a family meal, these 56 tasty recipes (which include Dips, Snacks, Desserts and standards such as Turkey and Pork dishes) will be enjoyed by all!
Sugarfree Holidays

Stevia Sweet Recipes:
Sugar Free - Naturally
By Jeffrey Goottomoeller

Stevia is an herbal sweetener which, in its extracted form, is over 200 times sweeter than sugar! Non-glycemic, proven safe, and virtually calorie-free, Stevia offers a healthy, natural alternative to cooking with refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. This book provides over a hundred recipes, developed in the Goettemoeller family kitchen, using Stevia as the sweetener. Learn how to incorporate this amazing herb into your own recipes.
Stevia Sweet Recipes

The Totally Nuts Cookbook
By Helene Siegel

International and multicultural is the only way to describe this nutty collection. Peanuts, pine nuts, pecans and pistachios perform with aplomb. Walnuts, chestnuts, and hazelnuts are equally at home in starters, side dishes, or in baking. And almonds, cashews and macadamias crop up everywhere from soup to--well--nuts!. Nuts are a natural friend to the low-carb dieter, and this book offers up some fresh ideas for using these low-carbohydrate gems to keep our menus varied!
The Totally Nuts Cookbook

Cooking Low Carb: And Loving Every Bite
By Suzanne M. Boose

Cooking Low Carb is over 100 recipes for people who are following a low carbohydrate eating plan. Recipes include easy, everyday meals like: meatloaf, chili, lasagne. Plus a section of over 30 desserts like coconut cream pie, cheesecake, tiramisu and no-bake cookies. Approximate nutritional content for each ingredient (calories, carbs, fiber, protein, and fat) is listed on the same page with each recipe. There are 24 color pictures and a convenient comb binding so that the book lies flat while you are cooking.
Cooking Low Carb: And Loving Every Bite

Living (and loving) the Low-Carb Life!
By Linda Rayburn

This cookbook has a collection of over 160 recipes, each under ten carbohydrates per serving and all with a complete nutritional breakdown. The portions are generous and the choices are great. Best of all, these dishes are prepared with everyday food items that are easily found at your local grocery.
Living (and loving) the Low-Carb Life is an excellent source of recipes for those on the Atkins diet, Protein Power, The Zone, or any low carbohydrate diet.
Living (and loving) the Low-Carb Life


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