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Atkins and  low carb diet products shopping guide. While all you need to low carb is your local grocery store,  when you miss  high carb foods, try these low carb foods and substitutes to curb those carb cravings.
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SynergyDiet Fruit Spreads

Low Carb Fruit Spreads (Jams)

Sucrose has been largely replaced in these low calorie products by a combination of polydextrose and sucralose (Splenda), neither of which affect blood sugars. A small quantity of fructose (fruit sugar) has been added for taste enhancement. These products are perfectly safe for most diabetic diets taken in reasonable quantities, but a diabetic with any reason to doubt should consult his or her medical advisor.Low

Carb Bar-B-Q Sauce, Low Carb Ketchup, Chili Pepper, Apple Sauce and more.US$3.79
Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Spread, Apricot   $3.79
 Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Spread, Blackberry and Apple   $3.79
 Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Spread, Blackcurrant   $3.79
 Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Spread, Grape Jelly   $3.79
 Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Spread, Orange Marmalade   $3.79
 Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Spread, Raspberry   $3.79
 Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Spread, Strawberry   $3.79
 Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Topping, Spiced Apple and Sultana   $4.49
 Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Topping, Apricot and Peach w/ Almonds   $4.49
 Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Topping, Boysenberry and Orange   $4.49
 Jok n Al Low Carb Fruit Topping, Raspberry   $4.49
 Jok n Al Low Carb Bar-B-Q Sauce   $4.49
 Jok n Al Low Carb Ketchup   $3.79
 Jok n Al Low Carb Tomato Relish   $3.99
 Jok n Al Low Carb Apple Sauce   $3.79
 Jok n Al Low Carb Chili Pepper Sauce   $3.99
 Jok n Al Low Carb Cranberry Sauce   $3.79

Da Vinci Gourmet® Sugar Free Flavored Syrups

Introducing new Da Vinci Gourmet® Sugar Free Flavored Syrups sweetened with SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener. SPLENDA is the only no calorie sweetener made from real sugar and because SPLENDA is derived from real sugar, it tastes like real sugar. There is no unpleasant aftertaste like many other sugar-free sweeteners. And everyone, including diabetics and phenylketonurics can safely enjoy SPLENDA



Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Almond   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Amaretto   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, B-52   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Banana   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Blueberry   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Butter Rum   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Caramel   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Cherry   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Chocolate   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Cinnamon   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Coconut   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Cookie Dough   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Creme de Menthe   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, English Toffee   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, French Vanilla   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Hazelnut   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Irish Cream   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Kahuli Caffe   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Macadamia Nut   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Orange   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Pancake   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Peach   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Raspberry   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Strawberry   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Toasted Marshmallow   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Vanilla   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, Watermelon   $7.95
 Da Vinci Sugar Free Syrup, White Chocolate   $7.95
Atkins Nutritionals Atkins Diet Syrup, Cherry   $4.75
 Atkins Nutritionals Atkins Diet Syrup, Chocolate   $4.75
 Atkins Nutritionals Atkins Diet Syrup, Hazelnut   $4.75
 Atkins Nutritionals Atkins Diet Syrup, Raspberry   $4.75
 Atkins Nutritionals Atkins Diet Syrup, Strawberry   $4.75
 Atkins Nutritionals Atkins Diet Syrup, Vanilla   $4.75
 Atkins Nutritionals Atkins Pancake Syrup, Maple   $4.75

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