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Atkins and  low carb diet products shopping guide. While all you need to low carb is your local grocery store,  when you miss  high carb foods, try these low carb foods and substitutes to curb those carb cravings.
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Keto Bread Machine Mix Keto Bread Machine Mix

Delicious, plump, fresh baked bread with just 3 g carbs/slice!

Now you can have delicious, oven fresh, low carb bread right at your finger tips! Enjoy sandwiches, French toast, bagels, pizza name it! Each slice contains just 3 grams of carbohydrates and a whopping 13 grams of protein for much longer-lasting hunger relief. As an added benefit, KETO Breads are high in soy protein isolates and isoflavones. The texture is so fluffy, the crust so firm and crispy, you'll never dream about fattening, carb loaded bread again!

Keto Keto Bread Machine Mix, French Loaf   $5.79
 Keto Keto Bread Machine Mix, Sourdough Rye   $5.79
 Keto Keto Cookie and Brownie Mix   $5.99
 Keto Keto Cookie Mix, Chocolate Chip   $6.79
 Keto Keto Cookie Mix, Oatmeal Raisin   $6.79
 Keto Keto Crisp Cereal   $5.79
 Keto Keto Crumbs, Original   $3.79
 Keto Keto Crumbs, Italian   $3.79
 Keto Keto Crumbs, Cajun   $3.79
 Keto Keto Muffin and Pancake Mix, Original   $5.79
 Keto Keto Multi   $23.95
 Keto Keto Pasta Shells   $3.79
 Keto Keto Pizza Dough   $5.79
 Keto Keto Quick Bread Mix, Banana   $4.79
 Keto Keto Quick Bread Mix, Golden Original   $4.79
 Keto Keto Quick Bread Mix, Old World Rye   $4.79
 Keto Keto Quick Bread Mix, Pumpernickel   $4.79
Ketogenics Low Carb Pancake Mix

Just 3g of effective carbohydrates and 22g of protein per serving of 3 pancakesUS$8.89
Ketogenics Low Carb Bread Machine Mix   $5.29
 Ketogenics Low Carb Bread Machine Mix, Honey Wheat   $5.29
 Ketogenics Low Carb Bread Machine Mix, Pumpernickel Rye   $5.29
 Ketogenics Low Carb Pancake Mix   $8.89
 Ketogenics Psyllium Husk Capsules   $7.95
 Ketogenics Zero Carb Pancake Syrup, Maple Butter   $4.59

Zero Carb Pancake Syrup

Maple Butter Flavor!

Ketogenics special formula delivers a thick, rich, buttery maple flavor never before offered in a syrup with zero sugar and zero carbs. Best of all, it features SPLENDAŽUS$4.59

ProSlim Tagliatelle Pasta

Now you can enjoy pasta AND stay true to your low carb diet!

32 grams of protein with just 6 grams of effective carbohydrates per serving. 2 packets of Tagliatelle pasta per box. One double serving per packet: 1.75 oz (50g)US$3.95

The Low Carb Tortilla

Announcing the NEW & IMPROVED "Low Carb Tortilla"

Only 3 grams of active carbs per original 6-inch soft taco sized tortilla! Only 6 grams of active carbs per 9-inch burrito sized tortilla! 21 grams of total carbs including 15 grams of fiber. Now with Organic Soy Flour added for higher protein. Cold pressed Canola Oil has been added for a softer, more flavorful tortilla.US$2.79

No sugar added.

Now available in delicious Garlic & Herb flavor also!
La Tortilla Low Carb Tortillas   $2.79
 La Tortilla Low Carb Tortillas, Garlic and Herb   $3.19
 La Tortilla Low Carb Tortillas, Large 9-inch Burrito Size   $3.49

LowCarbolicious Pizza Kit

The Pizza Kit, packaged in shipping-friendly, tear-open pouches, makes one perfect 12" pizza. Just mix the contents of the crust pouch with water and melted butter, spread dough onto pizza pan (we recommend and sell separately a 12" micro-perforated, thin crust pan for ideal  crispness) and prebake 10 minutes. Then pour on our thick, zippy sauce; follow with your favorite protein-packed pizza toppings (such as sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, bacon, Canadian bacon, chicken) and veggies (green pepper, onion, mushrooms, garlic) and, of course, lots of cheese! (Cheese not included in Pizza Kit.) Pop back in the oven for 7-10 minutes, then ENJOY!US$6.95

Low Carb Bread Machine Mix

 Bread Machine is recommended, but not required. You can also bake the loaf of bread in a conventional oven or even make low carb pizza dough! 

Only 2 grams of carbohydrates per slice.US$5.29


Atkins Bake Mix

Only 3 grams of carbs per serving gets you bread, muffins, pancakes. Now completely wheat free!

Ask anyone on the Atkins Diet what they miss most from their high-carbohydrate eating days and they'll probably give you three answers: Bread, bread and more bread. Well now this no longer has to be the case. Atkins Bake Mix is a revolutionary low-carbohydrate flour product that Atkins Dieters can use to make delicious breads, as well as muffins, pancakes, and even flour-dredged fried chicken that are 100% compatible with all phases of the Atkins Diet.US$8.95

Carbolite Low Carb Bake Mix

Carbolite Low Carb Bake Mix

Low carb dieters dream.

Make 1 carb pancakes, 4 carb muffins and more.

Use as a flour substitute.US$8.49

Carbolite Low Carb Bake Mix   $8.49
 Carbolite Low Carb Bread Mix   $8.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Cheesecake Mix, Vanilla (2 cakes, 2 crusts)   $8.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Cheesecake Mix, Chocolate (2 cakes, 2 crusts)   $8.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Frozen Treat, Chocolate   $6.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Frozen Treat, Vanilla   $6.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Almond   $89.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Crisp   $89.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Chocolate Bars, Dark Chocolate   $89.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Chocolate Bars, Milk Chocolate   $89.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Chocolate Bars, White Chocolate   $69.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Almond   $2.19
 Carbolite Low Carb Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Crisp   $2.19
 Carbolite Low Carb Chocolate Bars, Dark Chocolate   $2.19
 Carbolite Low Carb Chocolate Bars, Milk Chocolate   $2.19
 Carbolite Low Carb Chocolate Bars, White Chocolate   $1.79
 Carbolite Low Carb Mousse Mix, Chocolate   $7.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Mousse Mix, Vanilla   $7.95
 Carbolite Pancake Mix, Zero Carb   $5.95
 Carbolite Soy Protein Shake Mix, Chocolate   $9.95
 Carbolite Soy Protein Shake Mix, Vanilla   $9.95
 Carbolite Sugar Free Candy, Gummie Bears   $2.99
 Carbolite Sugar Free Candy, Jellies (Sour Citrus Slices)   $2.99
 Carbolite Sugar Free Candy, Jelly Beans   $2.99
 Carbolite Sugar Free Candy, Pecan Caramel Cluster   $2.99
 Carbolite Sugar Free Candy, Toffee Chews, Chocolate   $2.99
 Carbolite Sugar Free Candy, Toffee Chews, Vanilla   $2.99
 Carbolite Sugar Free Candy, Taffy   $2.99
 Carbolite Sugar Free Sweetener   $6.95
 Carbolite Zero Carb Bake Mix, Chocolate   $9.95
 Carbolite Zero Carb Bake Mix, Original   $9.95
Carbolite Low Carb Bread Mix

Carbolite Low Carb Bread Mix

Delicious Loaf of Fresh Homemade Bread.

Each Box Makes 2 Loaves (2 separate 9 oz. bags of mix. Great for Bread Machines or works in Conventional oven

Only 2 grams of carbs per slice. High in Protein (7 grams per slice)US$8.95

New! The Low-Carb Gourmet, by Karen Barnaby

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