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Atkins and  low carb diet products shopping guide. While all you need to low carb is your local grocery store,  when you miss  high carb foods, try these low carb foods and substitutes to curb those carb cravings.
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Keto Ice Cream MixKETO Ice Cream Mix

Enjoy Rich, Flavorful, Ultra Low Carb Ice Cream!

Good news! You don't have to give up your favorite treat! You can keep on enjoying yourself and slim down with KETO Ice Cream™. The gourmet flavor notes of our 6 velvety, deep-bodied flavors, are as good as the best premium ice creams you've ever tasted!

Fresh and luscious, creamy-smooth KETO Ice Cream is incredibly filling. With just 2-3 carb grams per serving, you can have a ball without breaking the low carb bank. No sugar, no saccharin, no aspartame. Safe for diabetics.

 Keto Keto Ice Cream Mix, Black Raspberry   $7.49
 Keto Keto Ice Cream Mix, Chocolate   $7.49
 Keto Keto Ice Cream Mix, Coffee   $7.49
 Keto Keto Ice Cream Mix, Orange Creamsicle   $7.49
 Keto Keto Ice Cream Mix, Strawberry   $7.49
 Keto Keto Ice Cream Mix, Vanilla   $7.49
Keto Keto Muffin and Pancake Mix, Blueberry   $5.79
 Keto Keto Muffin and Pancake Mix, Original   $5.79
 Keto Keto Multi   $23.95
 Keto Keto Pasta Shells   $3.79
 Keto Keto Pizza Dough   $5.79
 Keto Keto Pudding, Banana   $7.95
 Keto Keto Pudding, Chocolate   $7.95
Carbolite Cheesecake Mix

Carbolite Cheesecake Mix

Rich creamy vanilla or chocolate cheesecake. Simple to make. Only 2 carbs per slice.

Each box contains enough to make 4 cakes.US$8.95

Carbolite Low Carb Cheesecake Mix, Vanilla (2 cakes, 2 crusts)   $8.95
 Carbolite Low Carb Cheesecake Mix, Chocolate (2 cakes, 2 crusts)   $8.95
Carbolite Mousse Mix

Carbolite Mousse Mix

Rich creamy Vanilla or Chocolate Mousse. Simple to make. Perfect as an after-dinner low-carb dessert.

Just 1 gram of carbs per half cup!

Add water and heavy cream, beat and chill. Makes 16 servings.

Each box comes with 4 bags of mix.US$8.95

Carbolite Frozen Treat

Carbolite Frozen Treat

Low carb ice cream mix. Just 6 grams of carbs per 1/2 cup serving. Makes 10 servings.

You do not need an ice cream machine.

Who said you can't have Ice Cream on a diet? With a creamy vanilla flavor, you can have a frozen treat that will have kids (and adults!) asking for more. 8 oz mix comes in an easy to mix canister. Just add water and heavy whipping cream, whisk, freeze and enjoy the creamiest vanilla frozen treat ever.

Or try the rich, sinful-tasting Chocolate frozen treat. Gotta have that chocolate ice cream fix. Sit back on the hottest days of summer and enjoy a chocolate break.US$6.95


Universal Nutrition Doctor's Diet LowCarb Smoothie, Creamy Chocolate   $13.95
 Universal Nutrition Doctor's Diet LowCarb Smoothie, Smooth Vanilla   $13.95

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