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You hear about the Dr. Atkins diet, Protein Power, Carbohydrate Addicts, the Zone diet, CKD, SommerSizing and all other high-protein low carb diet plans, but which one is right for you? Read what other low-carbers think about the low carb plan they're following and how they live with it. This may help you find the right plan for you. Please feel free to join the discussion to comment on these plans or tell about your favourite low carb plan!
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Sugar Busters!

Sugar Busters

Plan's name: Sugar Busters!

Book(s): SUGAR BUSTERS! by Dr Sam S Andrews, Dr Luis A Balart, Dr Morrison C Bethea and H Leighton Steward, first written in 1995, and updated and revised in 1998, is the book reviewed here.

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Sugar Busters! Quick and Easy Cookbook.
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About the author: Samuel S. Andrews, M.D., is a graduate of Louisiana State University School of Medicine. He currently practices endocrinology with the Audubon Internal Medicine Group. Dr. Andrews has authored many publications and participated in several drug studies in the field of endocrinology. He is a fellow in the American Colleges of Physicians and Endocrinology. He is clinical associate professor of medicine at Louisiana State University and a member of the pancreatic transplant team.

Morrison C. Bethea, M.D., is a graduate of Davidson College and Tulane University School of Medicine. He completed his postgraduate training in thoracic and cardiac surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. Currently he practices thoracic, cardiac, and vascular surgery in New Orleans. He is the medical consultant to Freeport-McMoRan, Inc., for its worldwide operations and sits on the Board of Taylor Energy and Tenet's Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans. Dr. Bethea has authored many publications in the field of cardiovascular disease and is a diplomate of the American Board of Thoracic Surgery.

Luis A. Balart, M.D., is a graduate of Louisiana State University School of Medicine. He completed training in gastroenterology at Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans and in hepatology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Dr. Balart practices gastroenterology and hepatology at Tenet's Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans and is clinical associate professor of medicine at Louisiana State University in New Orleans. He is currently involved in several clinical trials in the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis and is medical director of the Louisiana State University Liver Transplant Program.

H. Leighton Steward has a master of science degree from SouthernMethodist University and is CEO of a Fortune 500 energy company. He also authored a booklet on causes of land loss of the lower Mississippi River wetland system. Sixty thousand of these booklets are in circulation worldwide and are referred to by many educational and governmental institutions. He is on the board of Tulane University as well as on several corporate boards. His own success and the success of others on this way of eating motivated him to write Sugar Busters! ® and Sugar Busters! ® for Kids.

Basic Philosophy: 

Sugar Busters Cookbook

to “cut sugar to trim fat.”
Modulating insulin is the key to the SUGAR BUSTERS! diet. The authors explain that by controlling the intake of sugar, insulin secretion can be controlled.
They state that carbohydrates in an unrefined form, such as fruits, green vegetables, dried beans and whole grains require further digestive alteration before absorption, thus modulating insulin secretion. The end result is lower average insulin levels and less fat synthesis, storage and weight gain.

By the numbers: : N/A


It is not necessary to count calories. Nor is it necessary to count sugar grams, fat grams or protein grams.

The daily dietary intake should consist of high-fibre vegetables, lean and trimmed meats as sources of protein and primarily unsaturated fats.
SUGAR BUSTERS! is very concerned about your eating too much fat, especially unsaturated fats.

Portion size is very important. The portions of the food selected for each meal should just fit nicely on the plate. Second helpings are not permitted.

Appropriate snacks are encouraged, and most fruits, except those with high glycaemic index are ideal for snacks. Some individuals who experience frequent indigestion may benefit from eating fruit 30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal.

In general, fluids should be drunk in small quantities during meals, but may be consumed at your leisure between meals. The authors feel that “washing” food down frequently causes the bypass of proper chewing which may have a deleterious effect on digestion.

 Typical menu: 

Grapefruit, orange, apple - ½ hour before
Whole wheat and bran shredded wheat, skim milk and Equal.
Or: Orange juice - ½ hour before
2 eggs cooked in butter
Canadian bacon or pure sausage
A slice of whole-grain toast (with butter)
Decaf coffee or tea.

Mid-morning snack:
Fruit or almonds, almonds, walnuts or pecans
Or: peanut butter with whole-fruit jelly (both without added sugar) on rye crackers
Or: decaf diet drink or coffee.

Green salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar; or a sugarless dressing (even blue cheese!)
Full-size portion of grilled fish or chicken with green or yellow vegetables
Whole wheat matzos or rye crisp crackers
Decaf coffee, tea, or water.
No dessert.

Mid-afternoon snack:
Fruit or nuts or a piece of a high-cocoa-content chocolate (greater than 60% cocoa)
Or: decaf coffee, diet cola or water

Large green salad
Steak, lamb chops, veal chops, or hamburger steak
Beans (not canned) sautéed in olive oil
Bell peppers
Water or a glass of wine

Sugar-free ice cream and diet root beer (float)
Or: a slice or two of cheese
Or: a dozen nuts

Unique Fatures: 

The main difference between SUGAR BUSTERS! and most other low carb plans is that carbs are not counted.
The other feature of interest is their assertion that saturated fats are harmful. This statement has been refuted by several authors such as Mary Enig and Sally Fallon in The Skinny on Fats.

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