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You hear about the Dr. Atkins diet, Protein Power, Carbohydrate Addicts, the Zone diet, CKD, SommerSizing and all other high-protein low carb diet plans, but which one is right for you? Read what other low-carbers think about the low carb plan they're following and how they live with it. This may help you find the right plan for you. Please feel free to join the discussion to comment on these plans or tell about your favourite low carb plan!
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Low-Carb Diet Plans


The Fat Flush Plan

The Schwarzbein Principle

Plan's name: The Fat Flush Plan

Book(s): The book titled 'The Fat Flush Plan' by Anne Louise Gittleman was published in 2002 but the first fat flush eating plan made its debut in her book 'Beyond Pritkin released in 1988.

About the author: Anne Louise Gittleman. Anyone who does know the health scene at all over the past two decades knows that Ann Louise is one of the most respected, dynamic, and accomplished "celebrity" nutritionists America has ever produced. As a writer, consultant, talk show host and spokesperson, Ann Louise has imprinted her distinctive message on everything she does.

Basic Philosophy: Emphasis is not given solely to controlling insulin production but to "Five Hidden Weight Gain Factors" being

  • Liver toxicity
  • Waterlogged tissues
  • Fear of eating fat
  • Excess insulin
  • Stress fat

By the numbers:   The ratios resemble the the Zone's 40/30/30, and the Dr. Sears has written a forward for the Fat Flush Plan

Method: The plan has three set guidelines
Phase 1: The two week Fat Flush
Phase 2: Ongoing fat Flush
Phase 3: The lifestyle eating plan

Phase 1 is the 'toughest' stage of the program and has been labled 'bootcamp'. It is first and foremost a cleansing program to facilitate weight loss by giving the liver support and nourishment.

Phase 2 is designed for ongoing weight loss with a bit more variety in food choices adding back a 'friendly' carb each week to check for adverse reaction to it.

Phase 3 is really the fat flush maintance program providing a lifelong eating program aimed at increasing your vitality and well-being for life. Now 2 dairy products can be reintroduced and a variety of starchier veggies and nongluten grains. Once again new foods are added back one at a time to gauge your bodies reaction. Once on this stage of the program you will likely find your daily percentages work out at the ratio 40:30:30

The FFP is made up of whole natural foods eaten without salt.
Cut out are trans fats, caffine, diet sodas, alcohol, aspartame, sugar, yeast relalted vinegars (except apple cider vinegar), all grains and cereals, starchy vegetables, in the first phases dairy products (except whey) are also cut.

Flaxseed oil (2 tlbs) and essential fatty acid supplement are to be taken daily.
1 cup of unsweetened Cranberry juice is to be watered down to make up 64 oz and taken throughout the day.
First thing upon waking and last thing at night you have a teaspoon of psyllium husks in a glass of the 'cran-water' dubbed the 'Long life cocktail'.
Lemon juice in morning in hot water.
Lean Protein up to 8oz a day.
Eggs up to 2 a day.
Vegetables unlimited from a choice of non starchy low GI selection.
Fruit up to 2 a day from the low GI and carb, eg; 1/2 grapefruit or 1 c berries equals one choice.

Typical menu: 

A Day on Phase 1: The 2-Week Fat Flush Plan

Try this sample menu:

On arising:
Long Life Cocktail

Before breakfast:
8 ounces hot water with lemon juice

Veggie scramble: 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, green peppers, scallions and parsley, and one 8-ounce glass of cran-water

Midmorning snack:
1/2 large grapefruit

20 minutes before lunch:
One 8-ounce glass of cran-water

4 ounces of salmon with lemon and garlic, warm asparagus, mixed-green salad with broccoli florets and cucumber, 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil, and one 8-ounce glass of cran-water

Two 8-ounce glasses of cran-water

4pm snack:
1 apple

20 minutes before dinner:
One 8-ounce glass cran-water

4 ounces of grilled lamb chop with a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of dried mustard, sautéed kale in broth, baked summer squash with a touch of cloves, and 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil

Long Life Cocktail

How to Use This Menu:
You can use this example as a basic menu guide. Just substitute foods from the same food groups for daily variety. Besides the daily diet, take GLA supplements, and a balanced multivitamin/mineral. You can change the fluid intake to suit your schedule if that is more convenient, of course.

Unique Fatures: No herbs or spices except for those fat flushing herbs and spices outlined in The Fat Flush Plan
No margarine
No alcohol
No sugar
No oils or fats except those in the flaxseed oil
No grains, bread, cereal or starchy vegetables such as beans, potatoes, corn, parsnips, carrots, peas, pumpkin, or acorn or butternut squash
No dairy products

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