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Low Carb studies, research and media clips about Atkins diet and low-carb diets. Arguments for and against are presented here for objectivity. In our opinion, arguments against low-carb dieting are based on false, simplistic  assumptions.
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New Look at Dieting: Fat Can Be a Friend. By JANE E. BRODY, New York Times. Now hear this: avocados, walnuts, salad dressings with oil, sautéed vegetables, fatty fish and some kinds of margarine may be back on the menu for health-conscious Americans, even for those trying to lose weight, if the findings of recent studies are to be believed.

Fish Oil Lowers Triglycerides With Little or No Glycemic Effect in Type 2 Diabetics. WESTPORT, CT (Reuters Health) Oct 2 - The results of a meta-analysis of 18 trials conducted over a 10-year period show that fish oil supplementation for patients with type 2 diabetes lowers triglycerides but has no statistically significant effect on glycemic control.

Eat Fish, Feel Better Tuesday October 03 2000 Eat Fish, Feel BetterBy Lauren Long, From It turns out Grandma was on to something, pushing all that cod-liver oil. At least nobody has to chase Harvard researchers around with a teaspoon of the stuff anymore. Earlier this year, they became so impressed by the health benefits of fish oil that they shut down their study on its effects.

Potential Memory Retention and Vision Benefits Found in Eggs October 2, 2000: NEW YORK, Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- A scientific review article published in today's Journal of the American College of Nutrition supplement reports that the nutrient choline, when taken during pregnancy, may be key in the development of an infant's memory function and may improve memory capability later in life. In another paper published in the JACN supplement, research shows two antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin, may significantly reduce the risk of cataract and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Eggs are cited as an important dietary source of choline as well as lutein and zeaxanthin and, in the case of the latter two, research shows eggs to be a more highly bioavailable form than other food sources.

Eating Olestra Linked to Lower Cholesterol and Fat Intake Sunday September 24,2000 SEATTLE, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Frequent consumption of potato chips, tortilla chips or other savory snack foods made with the fat substitute olestra is associated with a significant reduction in serum cholesterol levels and dietary fat intake, according to researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

More Olive Oil, Please Sept. 22, 2000 (HealthSCOUT) -- A diet rich in olive oil may help stave off intestinal cancer.

Hungry or Overfed, Peanuts Can Help Sept. 21, 2000: (HealthSCOUT) -- Putting peanuts in your diet apparently can do nothing but good -- whether you're hungry in Ghana or trying to shed some pounds after eating too much in the United States.

Georgetown University's Center for Food and Nutrition Nuts Shown to Have Health Benefits Sept. 20, 2000 /PRNewswire/ -- Adding nuts to a healthy, balanced diet may provide a number of health benefits, according to researchers speaking today at Georgetown University's Center for Food and Nutrition Policy. At a conference titled ``Making the Claim for Nuts,'' researchers discussed the role of nuts in heart disease, cancer and weight control.

Olive oil may protect against colon cancer September 19, 2000 LONDON (Reuters) - British doctors added olive oil on Tuesday to the list of foods that may help to prevent colon cancer. A new study by researchers at the University of Oxford adds to the growing body of evidence that shows olive oil, a staple of the Mediterranean diet, is as good as fresh fruit and vegetables in keeping colon cancer at bay.

Peanuts and Peanut Butter Found to Suppress Hunger ALBANY, Ga., Sept. 18, 2000/PRNewswire/ -- A new study shows that snacking on peanuts and peanut butter is an effective way to control hunger without leading to weight gain. Subjects who snacked on peanuts and peanut butter self-adjusted their caloric intake spontaneously and did not add extra calories to their daily diets. These findings are published in this month's International Journal of Obesity (Vol. 24, p.1167-75).

Low-Fat Diet Good For Kids? WEDNESDAY, Aug. 23 2000 (HealthSCOUT) -- Infants on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet may have less heart disease when they grow up, a new Finnish study suggests." BUT "A low-fat diet could damage nerve and brain development, says Jeff Hampl, a professor of nutrition at Arizona State University and a spokesman for the American Dietetic Association. "The basic understanding is that our central nervous systems and our brains have quite a bit of fat in them. Up to the age of 2, the nervous system continues to grow, and to ensure good brain growth we want to make sure that kids are getting enough fat."

High-fat Diet Better for Female Athletes Sunday July 30 2000, High-fat Diet Better for Female Athlete. By Janice Billingsley HealthSCOUT Reporter  Forget weight watching. A new study shows that a high-fat diet can help female athletes literally go that extra mile.

For diet results, moderate-fat beats low-fat June 6, 2000 They divided the participants into two groups. Half of the people followed a diet with 35% of calories from fat that was mostly monounsaturated (olive oil, canola oil, peanut butter, avocado, nuts) and some polyunsaturated fats (corn oil, soybean oil). They limited saturated fat (fatty meats, whole dairy products) to about 5% of their intake. It was based on a Mediterranean-style diet. The other half were instructed to limit their diet to no more than 20% of calories from fat.

Epilepsy Foundation Cites Dramatic Increase in Use And Scientific Understanding of Epilepsy Diet; Movement Was Launched by TV Movie Set for July 3 Rebroadcast WASHINGTON, June 28  2000 /PRNewswire

Food makers betting Americans like fat May 8, 2000 CHICAGO (AP) - Craving some fat? Sara Lee Corp. is betting you'll like its new Calzone Creations microwavable sandwiches with as much as 12 grams of artery-clogging saturated fat, 60% of the recommended daily intake for an average person

Soy OK'ed as meat substitute in schools March 9, 2000 WASHINGTON (AP) - Hoping to cut amount of fat that kids are eating, the government today approved the use of tofu and other soy products in federally subsidized meals in schools and day-care centers.

Heart group revising fat guidelines March 15, 2000 By Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY: After sticking to the same advice for decades, the American Heart Association is reconsidering its guidelines on how much fat we should eat

Soy, salmon enrich 'Optimum' diet March 7, 2000 He believes that Americans would have better diets if they got away from the idea that meat should be the centerpiece of a meal and if they used more fish like salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids (an essential type of fat that needs to be eaten because the body can’t produce it). Weil believes that omega-3 fatty acids protect against heart disease and cancer

New diet guidelines seek healthier eating Feb. 4, 2000 Research by the food industry indicates consumers are put off by the term low-fat and see a moderate-fat diet as easier to follow, even if the fat content is the same. The recommended maximum fat intake is still 30% of total calories, or 65 grams a day in a 2,000 calorie diet.

Burning Calories From High-Fat Meals The New York Times, December 18, 1996Many of us know from experience that even the occasional "high-fat" binge (during the holidays or special events) can have a lasting impression on your waistline. The exact biological mechanism for it was explained recently at a conference on reducing dietary fat, covered by Jane Brody of The New York Times.

Chewing the fat over Atkins' 'Revolution' 01/06/99 The advice in the book runs contrary to that of most health organizations, including the National Cancer Institute and American Heart Association, which recommend a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains

Diabetics Improve Health With Very High-Fat, Low Carb Diet   By Cameron Johnston Special to DG News SAN DIEGO, CA -- June 15, 1999 -- A very high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet has been shown to have astounding effects in helping type 2 diabetics lose weight and improve their blood lipid profiles.

Movie First Do No Harm Boosts Popularity of Diet for Epileptic Children July 6, 2000High-Fat Diet Works for Some Kids, but It's Hard to Maintain

"Low-Fat Lies": Antifad, Pro-Mediterranean Diet. May.2000

Study shows high fat, low carb diet helps epileptic children December 8, 1998 From CNN

Don't Fret the Fat June 18, 2000: It's a key part of a balanced diet for athletes. The State University of New York at Buffalo leads the way in the research, with several studies concluding that low-fat diets can be dangerous.

Eat Fat, Get Thin? November 23, 1999; Dieters on protein-rich regimens report great success. But some doctors question the safety of these low-carb plans.

While diet docs debate fats and carbs, weight loss still comes down to calories From U.S. News, 3/6/00

High Fat, Low Carbs, What's the Harm? Dec.1999 

Protein diet vs. low-fat: USDA hosts nutrition debate From CNN February 25, 2000

Meat, eggs and cheese: Protein diets remain popular From CNN September 7, 1999


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