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Our selection of low carb and Atkins diet books. Each low carb plan has its own unique differences and approach to weight-loss. It is quite informative to check more than one low carb plan to find the one suitable to YOU.
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Dr. Atkins Diet Books
Protein Power Diet Plan
Carbohydrate Addicts Diet Plan
The Zone
Low Carb Cookbooks
Low Carb for Diabetics
Montignac Method
Sugar & Sugar Busters
Syndrome X
Oil & Fat Issues
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Low-Carb Library


Low-Carb Library

Letter On Corpulence

William Banting's mid 19th century book on low-carbing. After his success following the advice of William Harvey, he published his message to the masses. Read it online!

The Low-Carb Cookbook

Low-Carb Cookbooks

From general everyday recipes, to specialty gourmet, dessert and low-carb baking books. There are quite a few! More Low-Carb Cookbooks

Atkins Diet Books

Dr. Robert C. Atkins developed a revolutionary formula for changing metabolism offers weight loss without counting calories or feeling hungry as the body automatically adjusts to a new way of burning fat, as well as a maintenance diet that insures ....More on Atkins Diet books

Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution

The Carbohydrate Addict's Healthy Heart Program

Carbohydrate Addicts Diet Plan Books

The aim of this program, by Drs. Rachael F. and Richard F. Heller, is to "help balance insulin levels and reduce the insulin resistance that leads to carbohydrate cravings, easy weight gain, high blood pressure, abnormal blood fats, adult-onset diabetes, and heart disease." The program involves three basic steps ......More on Carbohydrate Addicts Plan books

Low-Carb Diets for Diabetics

Dr. Richard K. Bernstein MD,  has had type I (juvenile or insulin-dependent) diabetes for 50 years and has become well known for his unconventional approach to treating both types of the disease. His emphases on almost hour-by-hour normalization of blood sugar and a diet consisting of nearly no carbohydrates and high levels of fat and protein have certainly  ....More on Low-Carb Books for Diabetics

Type 2 Diabetes Diet
The Ketogenic Diet

Montignac Diet Books

Michel Montignac...has scientific research to back up "Le Method." His theory is that it is not fat that makes you fat, but it is sugar and certain carbohydrates that cause obesity by raising blood sugar levels that trigger the body to store fat. Now others have jumped on the "no sugar low carbohydrate" bandwagon, but this book began the ....More on Montignac Diet books

More Low-Carb Diet Books

Not just another weight-loss diet guide, NeanderThin presents a rational case for how humankind's digestive genetics have not caught up with the radical changes in diet since the start of the Neolithic era (10-20 thousand years ago). A clear, well-stated argument is made for elimination of modern foods that need to be cooked or processed to be edible, or which couldn't be obtained by a hunter-gatherer on .....More on Low-Carb Diet books

NeanderThin: A Caveman's Guide to Nutrition
Protein Power: Lifeplan

Protein Power Life Plan Books

Drs. Michael R. Eades and Mary Dan Eades, authors of Protein Power sparked provocative debate with its assertion that our mainly carbohydrate-based diet-and not one rich in protein-is responsible for rampant obesity and heart disease among Americans. Now the authors of this exciting guide expand both their theory and their nutritional program, and show how   ..More on Protein Power Books

Books On Oils, Fat and EFA Low-Carb Plans

Contemporary nutritional science owes a great deal to Dr. Budwig's early discoveries on Fat Metabolism and Healing. This brilliant scientific mind has put together a wonderfully imaginative "cookbook" a practical guide for the use of oils in daily meal preparation. You can discover over 500 delicious meal possibilities using the healing powers of Flax Oil while learning about "Good" fats and "Bad" fats and  ... More books on Oils, Fat and EFA

The Oil Protein Diet Cookbook
Sugar Busters

Sugar and Sugar Busters Diet Books

Sugar Busters! was first independently published in New Orleans and sold an amazing 100,000 copies by word of mouth. Its advice may be hard to swallow for most Americans, as it advocates squelching your sweet tooth in order to lose weight. Those who follow the diet, however, swear by it, and no wonder: excess sugar consumption has been linked to depression ... More on Sugar and Sugar Busters books

Syndrome X Books

As Dr. Gerald Reaven, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, explains, insulin resistance is part of Syndrome X, a once-mysterious killer of millions. Someone with Syndrome X has very high insulin levels, along with high blood fats and unusually small and dense particles of LDL (low-density lipoprotein)--the dangerous ....More on  Syndrome X books

Overcoming Syndrome X
The Zone

The Zone Diet Books

Barry Sears looks at why Americans still have dietary problems in spite of following the advice of experts. Challenging the current recommendations for a high carbohydrate diet, Sears looks into man's history as well as the diets athletes succeed best on, to build a new dietary picture. Anyone looking for better health through an improved ...More on the Zone diet books.

New! The Low-Carb Gourmet, by Karen Barnaby

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