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My Low Carb Adventure  


I was always a heavy girl. By the time I finished High School, I weighed in at 169 lbs. Then, a few years went by, I worked at a hospital, I weighed in at a whopping 225 lbs on my 5'5" frame. I always had a problem with my weight, probably genetic. One day, when I was about 23 years old, I became friends with a radio announcer. We were only friends on the phone, never met in person. We talked about a year, as he worked nights and I would call him once or twice a week. Then one night, he said that he'd like to meet me in person. IN PERSON!!!!!! That's when I decided that I had to lose weight, I couldn't let him see me like this, as I hadn't told him the full truth of my weight problem. So, knowing nothing about Low Carb dieting, I cut out starches, ate lots of veggies and fruit and meat. I also started to walk one hour every night. Within a year, I lost 50 lbs. Within 2 years, I lost 70 lbs. My life changed dramatically. I was being noticed by guys. I became popular. I loved myself. In the meantime, I lost contact with my radio announcer friend, who got another job out of town.

About a year later, I had managed to keep the weight off, My radio announcer friend was back in town and was a judge at a local talent contest. I got up all the courage and went to talk to him. He rememgered talking to me and I felt that I had to thank him for getting me started with my weight loss. That was the last time I ever saw him. Shortly after, I met my husband. After that, I reached my goal weight of 135lbs. Then, I got pregnant. That's where my weight gain started again.

After I had my son, I reached 205lbs. Almost back to the weight I was at when I started. I had given up!! I always made promises to my husband that I would lose weight, but never followed through with it. I tried all kinds of diets, WW didn't work for me. It cost me over $100 to lose 10 lbs. How discouraging, considering we couldn't really afford it.

Then one day, I met up with a co-worker that I hadn't seen in a while. She had lost 30 lbs and I was very interested in how she did it. She told me she followed the Atkins diet. That very same day, I bought the book, read it through within two days! I started it on the third day. Within two weeks, I had lost 12 lbs. I couldn't believe it!! Within the first winter, I lost 20 lbs, slow, but sure. I went off the diet for the summer, but walked 40 minutes every day and kept the weight off that way. When fall rolled around, I started Atkins diet again, and lost another 20 lbs. By the following summer, I had gone down to 156lbs. My goal was 150 lbs. Only six lbs short!!

I made the mistake of starting to take the Birth Control Injections. Then the weight loss stopped, completely. Actually, even if I followed the diet to a T, I gained weight. My doctor said that it was normal to gain 10lbs when taking those injections. Well, I only took those for a few months and went back to birth control. I thought I'd lose the weight easily, but I haven't been able to get control of my eating!! Ten lbs turned into 30 as of this morning, Nov 5th/00. I am very discouraged, so much so, that I almost joined WW again. The only thing that stopped me was the memory of my previous unsuccessfull attempt. Anyway, I've found this site now, I feel strong and will start again tomorrow. I'll let you know how it turns out. I have to lose 35 lbs to reach my goal. Please email me should you need advice or encouragement. Tell me your story. 


When I follow the Atkins diet closely, I feel great! I sleep better, have more energy and I am happier. I truly believe that this way of life works the best for me and anyone who wants to lose weight and feel great!



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