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Doing it for Me, Myself and I  

By Tamarian Shepherd
Vancouver, BC

I created this web site because I know low-carb eating works. It worked for me. I have lost 212 lbs in JUST 3 years (not days or months, let's be reasonable now). I've hit the 400 realm, wore size 64, and needed special "arrangements" for airline seats.

The bad new is that I have gained 95 lbs back. It took me 3 years to gain those 95 lbs, but I'm still 120 lbs less than I used to be. I'm glad I finally noticed!

On reflection on how this happened, I realized the difference between dieting as a way of eating (WOE) and as a way of life (WOL). I have never felt fit since I was a boy, and when I reached my goal weight I thought I made it, I'm normal and fit. I've done it. Nothing more to do. I was quite active, picked up new sports and forgot about dieting.

With this false feeling of safety, I let down my guard, and with my stressful career dealing with software deadlines, I started to gain back the weight, slowly but surely. Now I'm back on track, with new determination, but most importantly, with an important lesson learned, this is a commitment for life. I realize that eating "normally" doesn't work for me.

Low-carbing now is quite different than when I started on and off in the 80s. There's more research, more products and more convinced dieters and lots of success stories. Low-carbers now have more conviction that this WOL is no fad, this is the diet of our ancestors. If that's a FAD, then our human race was born out of this FAD.

In this past few decades we, hesitant low-carbers, needed to be convinced that eating meat along with the fat is healthy, now low-carbers just can't understand why the medical establishment pushes sugar, carbs and starches as our saviours. And hopefully soon the public will realize the financial interests involved not only in promoting sugar, carbs and starches, but also in attempting to brain wash the public against a diet that carried our human race to this day, well before the discovery of sugar and agriculture.

Sheesh, this was intended as a personal success/struggle story, but it ended up into a soapbox! Sorry, I'll revise it in a short while when I cool down! Consider this the first instalment.

To conclude, the single force that drove me was my love for myself. I had to learn this the hard way. No loved one(s) is/are worth loosing the weight for. If you can't do it for yourself, it will never happen.

Please share your own stories, and let's combine our voices and experiences.

Tamarian Shepherd

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