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Basic Tips, for any weight loss plan.

By Lainey

Aim for a one-pound loss per week. It's easier to keep weight off if you take it off slowly.

Don't skimp on your sleep. Fatigue leads to overeating, not to mention ugly circles around your eyes.

Speed up your metabolism by having a light bite every three hours, instead of eating 3 large meals a day.

Don't skip meals. People who do have higher fat levels and tend to have difficulty losing weight. Meal skipping also tends to slow down your metabolism, which means your body will hang on to the fat.

Eat breakfast every day. You will feel more energised and will eat less during the day.

At parties and dinners out, avoid eating while you're talking, to avoid eating too much without realising it.

Eat before you go shopping for food; you will have fewer temptations.

Shop the outside supermarket aisles; they are the ones that usually carry the fresh and frozen produce, and meat!

Try to buy fresh food. The more processed a food item is, the less nutritious it is.

Reduce salt or eliminate it from cooking completely (use herbs for flavour). Add a small sprinkle of salt at the table if you need it. If you use soy sauce, pick a low sodium kind.

Don't use too many sugar substitutes. Discover the natural taste and sweetness of food without additives.

Collect recipes and try new ones every week.

When you eat out, ask how the food you want is prepared, and if necessary request a low carb version

If possible, find diet buddies, especially in your family

Cut down on caffeine (from coffee, tea, and sodas); it tends to make you hungry and cause stalls. The same goes for cigarettes: they tend to make you feel peckish, and they also make your skin age prematurely.

Don't go crazy over a diet. Your goal should be to eat right and to give your body what it needs, not to become Ally McBeal.

Drink plenty of fresh water. Drink plenty of fresh water. Drink plenty of fresh water. Drink plenty of fresh water. Drink plenty of fresh water. Drink plenty of fresh water. Drink plenty of fresh water.


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