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CBSHealthWatch- Library - Diet Divas Debate Diet Divas Debate
Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Kaledin has the story.

CBS ran a story on the diet summit Thursday in Washington:

"That's the problem in this country: We eat too much!" says Daniel Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture.

"Some say the breakfast of champions is high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Dr. Robert Atkins starts with a three egg omelette, avocado and two strips of bacon. Others say fat causes heart disease, so the lower the fat the better. A meat-based diet is not as healthful as a plant-based diet, says Dr. Dean Ornish."

"The only thing they all agree on is that refined sugars are bad and more exercise is good. "

"But not everyone thinks much of his advice. "Telling people that pork rinds and sausages is good for you may sell books, but it's irresponsible," says Dr. Ornish. Some diet gurus weren't even that polite about their colleagues' work."

" it seems federal guidelines aren't working either. "

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