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Wednesday September 6, 8:42 am Eastern Time

Press Release

Shaman Creates Exclusive

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--(BW HealthWire)--Sept. 6, 2000-- Shaman Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCBB:SHPH.OB - news) today announced that the company has created a complete website at exclusive to Syndrome X, the disorder that triggers half, and probably more, of all heart attacks. The worst of it is that of the nearly 75 million Americans who are at risk for Syndrome X, most of them don't know it, and their doctors may not spot it. Nearly one out of every 3 Americans can develop Syndrome X, a cluster of metabolic abnormalities associated with insulin resistance that can lead to coronary heart disease. The new website describes Syndrome X, how to determine if you have it, the optimal diet to eliminate risk, effective weight loss and physical activity programs, and knowing when to consider prescription medicines if lifestyle changes are not enough to reverse the ravages Syndrome X can do to your arteries.

Syndrome X was first described in 1988 by Dr. Gerald Reaven, Professor of Medicine, Active Emeritus, at Stanford University. Dr. Reaven is author of Syndrome X, The Silent Killer That Can Give You A Heart Attack, (Simon & Schuster, March 2000) upon which Shaman has based its pending proprietary line of food/dietary supplement products. The book is in its second hard cover printing and is already a multi-regional best seller. The company is shipping out its new Syn X Bar, the first product in a line of dietary supplements designed to mitigate the major risk factors for coronary heart disease.

Shaman developed the SynX Bar based on Dr. Reaven's 35 years of clinical research, and contains the careful balance of 15% protein, 40% fat (mostly monounsaturated), and 45% carbohydrate. This ratio had been clinically proven to reduce all risk factors for heart disease.

``Our customers have demonstrated an overwhelmingly positive response to the chocolate chunk almond brownie flavor of our first Syn X Bar,'' said Terry Kristen Strom, Marketing Communications Manager Syndrome X Category and co-author of the Syndrome X book. ``When I joined Shaman as an expert on Syndrome X, our aim was not only to educate the public about the disorder, but also to make the best tasting and most heart-healthful bar on the market, and we've done it. We know it maximally promotes cardiovascular health, and as for taste, just ask our customers.''

Mary Hampton from New Jersey has this to say about the Syn X Bar. ``This has got to be the best bar I've ever tasted: real chocolate and nuts without all the bad fat and sugar high and low that's in a candy bar or the aftertaste of traditional energy bars. And, as a 200 calorie bar that replaces the snacks I was eating, I'm losing weight. I even put it in my kid's lunches. They love it and I know it's one of the best things I could do for their health.''

Untreated, Syndrome X can put people at risk for more than heart disease alone. ``Syndrome X,'' said Dr. Reaven, ``not only can negatively impact nearly one-third of all American men, women and children for heart disease, it can also lead to polycystic ovary syndrome which can cause additional problems in women, including elevated testosterone levels, masculine physical traits and an inability to conceive. It's tragic because in most cases the problems can be controlled or eliminated, and without medication. They need to ask their doctor for the simple test to determine if they have Syndrome X and treat it appropriately. With the Syndrome X Diet, weight loss and physical activity systems, most people can control or eliminate the disorder.''

Shaman Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a leader in medicinal plant research and commercialization of proprietary dietary supplements. Shaman works collaboratively with indigenous communities to discover, harvest and reforest medicinal plants. The Company also provides cultural educational programs in conjunction with rainforest communities.

This press release contains, among other things, certain statements of a forward-looking nature relating to Shaman's ability to advance its development and research programs. Such statements involve a number of risk and uncertainties including the Risk Factors listed in the Shaman Pharmaceuticals, Inc.'s Annual Report on Form 10K and 10K/A for the year ended December 31, 1999. These filings are available upon request at 650/952-7070. Also visit Shaman at

     Shaman Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
     Corporate Communications
     650/952-7070, ext. 466

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